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Care of Footwear

It is important that the footwear selected must be suitable for the safety standard of the wearer’s environment. Where a wearer’s environment is not known, it is important that consultation is carried out between the seller and the purchaser where possible to ensure, the correct footwear is provided.

To ensure the best service and wear from footwear, it is important that the footwear is regularly cleaned and treated with recommended cleaning products. DO NOT use any caustic cleaning agents. Where footwear is subjected to wet conditions, it should be allowed to dry naturally in a cool, dry place after use and not force dry as it can cause deterioration of the upper material.

If the footwear is cared for and worn in the correct working environment and stored in dry ventilated conditions, it should give a long wear life, without premature failures of the outsole or upper stitching . The actual wear life for footwear is dependent on the type of footwear, environmental conditions which can affect the wear, contamination and degradation of the product.

If the footwear becomes damaged, it will not continue to give the specified level of protection as such to ensure that the wearer continues to receive the maximum protection, the footwear should be immediately replaced. The packaging provided with the footwear at the point of sale is to ensure that footwear is delivered to the customer in the same condition as when dispatched.

The cartoon can also be used for storing the footwear when not in use. When the boxed footwear is in the stores, it should not have any heavy objects placed on top the box, as this could cause breakdown of its packaging and damage the shoes.


DI leather Brand has succeeded consistently over the past seven decades and will continue to lead the way into the future as well. Customer driven production exceedes customer expectations and adhere to high ethical standards and practices. Adopts a professional approach and transparent in all our dealings Only genuine leather materials are used for shoe construction which helps to position DI as a genuine Leather Shoe manufacturer.


DI Shoes are built to last with tough, quality materials and a construction that protects your feet from hazards.


Our production and other business process would always comply with environmental legislation and other statutory and regulatory requirements of Sri Lanka and or exporting countries. Quality Policy has been duly communicated to all employees of the organization as per the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Soling Technology

DI DUAL Density polyurethane construction combines a soft shock absorbing low density mid sole with a hard wearing outer sole for tough working conditions. The soft midsole core extends deep into the cleat which not only assists surface grip, but also provides cushioning to absorb the shock of rough surfaces and “smoothes out” your stride. The Long wearing hard outsole is designed for superior grip and durability.

 PU Dual density Sole Technology offers

  • Anti Static minimizes the buildup of electrostatic activity and provides protection against the risk of spark ignition hazards including flammable materials and gases
  • Resistant to most oils, acids and alkalies.
  • Superior resistance to abrasion and cutting.
  • Excellent slip resistance.
  • Resistant to effects of Hydrolysis.

Comfort Cushion Impact Absorption

DI Safety, Shock Absorber Inner Sole layer uses a combination of cellular urethane and PORON performance cushioning to protect the heel and ball of the foot, providing superior cushioning and shock absorption at the heel. This constant impact absorption helps reduce foot, leg & lower back fatigue. Durability

Cushioned Insole with Leather In-sock

Cushioned insole and leather In-sock provides lasting and enhancing blood flow to reduce fatigue. 

DI wide steel safety Toe Cap

Steel toe cap offers protection against weight drop and Toe injuries. Developed to stand a force of 200 joules. DI Safety, toe cap offers wide shape to suit your foot and are padded with a rubber liner to ensure toes are comfortable and not in contact with the toe cap.

Technical Specifications

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