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CEYLON LEATHER PRODUCTS PLC is a company with a proud history of 74 years. We are a Sri Lankan manufacturer and is the pioneer in processing and manufacturing of leather, leather footwear and leather products. Our production and business process would always be complying with statutory regulations and environmental legislations of Sri Lanka and of our respective international buyers.

We ensure continual improvements in all strategic business units by measurable objectives. Our responsibility to all our stake holders and to the country takes precedence over everything else.

We spare no effort to live up to our group motto “WE MAKE IT WORK”

Historical Growth

The business was established in 1939 by the British Government to produce boots, shoes and accessories for the British Armed Forces. After the Second World War, the factory diversified its activities to produce shoes and leather accessories to the domestic market whilst maintaining its position as the largest supplier to the Armed Forces and Police.

In 1956 the State owned factory was converted to a Government Corporation under the name Ceylon Leather Products Corporation. A modern shoe factory was built at Mattakkuliya in 1962 and a fully equipped tannery which is the largest in Sri Lanka was built in 1970. The factory production capacity was further enhanced in 1972 to produce leather accessories to the domestic and international markets.

 In 1990 Ceylon Leather Products Corporation was converted to a Government owned Company under the name Ceylon Leather Products Limited. In 1991 the Government sold 90% of the shares of the Company under the privatization program to the highest bidder. Following a successful IPO the company’s shares were listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange with effect from 8th September 2003.

In 2008 company office, footwear factory and leather goods factory was moved to a new location in Belummahara. The new premises comprise of 72,000 SQFT. Buildings and extent covers about 2.9 acres.

Year 2009 marked a significant change when Environmental Resources Investments PLC, took over the controlling interest of the company. Environmental Resources Investments PLC’s involvement in the management of the company enhanced company’s access to foreign expertise, business opportunities and has strengthened the overall management capabilities which are reflected in the profitability of the company.

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